Virtual Photo Booth

Virtual Events have replaced all large in-person gatherings and they are not going anywhere, they are here to stay!

But hey, virtual doesn’t need to equal = boring!

With our Virtual Photo Booth you can still have your photo fun and even add some Artificial Intelligence features to every photo with background removal aka green screen without green screen! Virtual Photo Booth is a perfect browser based solution for your virtual conference, webinar, wedding, birthday party or other celebration. It is perfectly safe and COVID-19 free! 

But what is Virtual Photo Booth?

We have created this short clip to show you all about it and its fun features. One of them is “Scratch & Win” feature which could be an amazing add on experience for nonprofit events!

By popular demand we have created couple of short educational videos on how to use Virtual Photo Booth. Here we go, let’s get real and see how it all works. This video will explain your Virtual Photo Booth experience on a computer desktop:

To finish let’s see the result on a SmartPhone. You will notice that this experience will add the AI Background removal which is an amazing feature as it works even better than a green screen.

Since Virtual Events are getting very popular, it is clear that the future of events lies in Hybrid.

Hybrid Event combines best of two worlds! It is a “live” event that also offers “virtual” components. It provides guests with the opportunity to participate & engage when they are not able to attend in person. And sure Coachella Party is ready for it!

Make a note that amazing features such as: e-mail collecting, in depth analytics, automatic publishing of photos on your facebook page and immediate availability of the images on a DropBox folder – are available to all type of events whether it is Live, Virtual or Hybrid.

Contact us to book your Live, Virtual or Hybrid event!

Annie 70th Birthday

Annie 70th birthday in her Palm Springs home was a blast. We brought for the first time our new acquisition Callie a 1973 VW Booth Bus. See the photos. It was a small family party but all the guests had fun taking their photos in the bus.

Airstream Standard furniture

Guest at a party leaving Coachella Party Airstream rental

One of the most requested question about the Airstream is what furniture does she come with?

So it was time to write a little post about it. The great thing with the Airstream is the size that will accommodate a large crowd around and inside.

We usually have a photobooth in the Airstream. We can either use our Mobile Booth with Green screen. We will do a post in the near future about it and the Studio Booth. There is time lapse post about it. We also can have the photo booth outside!

The list will evolve but so far we have a furry Bench. 4 furry stools, 5 tables including 2 coffee tables and 3 sides, 3 throws, and 5 rugs. When doing photobooth we have our 6 foot table with black table cloth branded on one side. Decorative pillows, candles, signs and frames

Time-Lapse of Airstream Photo Booth

pictures with Studio Booth inside our Airstream

Few weeks ago I published a post with the Time Lapse of a Airstream set up. If you haven’t watched it. It’s available here.

It shows how how the setup of the Airstream can be tedious. Now I will show you the fun part. Our guests love the Airstream. I think they are extremely impressed how roomy it is and how many people you can fit it.

We do a lot of events with large crowds and people want to take pictures with their friends and not be limited to 2 people. Well with the 24 footer there is no such thing as you will realize while watching the video. We aged the film a little to make it look legit!

You can see the images we took here:

In Memory of Barbara Keller

It is with great sadness that we learned this Monday of the passing of a beautiful soul Barbara Keller who was a true Gem of our valley, a woman of many roles: theatre director & producer, writer, restaurateur, philanthropist and a true humanitarian, but most of all she was a loved wife, mother, grandmother a friend, a human with a well accomplished life. Today was her service in Palm Springs and while we sadly could not attend Tatiana and I are mourning with everyone and still in shock from this tragic news.

From the first time we saw Barbara Keller we immediately noticed what a beautiful irradiating person she was inside out. Wherever Barbara was she would illuminate the place by her simple presence. Just her smile would lighten up the room and her shiny soul has touched & brighten our community so profoundly that the impact will last for ever.

We were not fortunate to be Barbara’s close friends but every time we had a chance to speak it would always be about her family, that she loved so much, or funny stories of her life experiences, especially while visiting France. Some of which are in her book “Orgasmic Days in the South of France, a personal guide of the Cote d’Azur”.

Despite her busy life Barbara always had time to enjoy and have fun. And we are so glad to have captured in our photo booths some happy and fun moments. Here are the most recent ones. Those genuine memories is the purpose behind our work.

At this difficult sad time our hearts go out to Jerry Keller and family. Barbara Keller, you will be missed but always shine in our hearts.

Coachella Party rocked The House Of Blues Anaheim last night

The House of Blues Anaheim was packed last night for APEC 2019 Party organized by Navitas. No detail was left to entertain the 500+ attendants. The location tells it all already. Open bar, goodies, lots of goodies and a fantastic band and dancers the psychedelic ‘Funky Hippeez’.

And of course Coachella Party with the Disco Ball backdrop. This backdrop is definitely a killer. It attracts people from all over the room. Guests had a blast taking pictures with the props. Including the wigs and glasses (provided at the entrance). We also had guitars and microphones.

Another successful party for the Coachella Party team!

See the pictures here