Beyond Photos: Unleash the 360 Experience!

360 Photo Booth

A 360 photo booth is an innovative and immersive experience that allows individuals or groups to capture dynamic and interactive photos. While traditional photo booths capture front-facing photos, a 360 photobooth simultaneously captures images from all angles, creating a full 360-degree view of the subject.
Participants stand on a platform in the center of the setup, and the camera spins around them, capturing images from every perspective. These videos can then be shared instantly via text, email, or airdrop making them a popular choice for a wide range of events, from weddings, corporate events, promotional campaigns, and special occasions.

Coachella Party 360 photo booth with fog at Hyatt Regency Orange County

Fog Experience

Introducing a fog machine to our 360 photo booth takes the experience to the next level! It creates an ambiance of wonder and excitement that draws guests like a magnet. It’s not just fun; it’s an immersive adventure for everyone involved. While the fog swirls and mingles with lights and decor, it adds a mesmerizing touch to every photo. Creating unforgettable memories your guests will cherish forever.

Backdrop Frame with Decor

Transform your 360 photo booth experience into something truly magical with our backdrop frame! Paired with enchanting decor elements like twinkling lights, disco balls, vibrant flowers, and whimsical balloons. These thoughtfully selected additions create an immersive atmosphere, adding an extra layer of excitement to every photo.

Coachella Party 360 photo booth, fog and backdrop frame with lights at Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego
Coachella Party 360 photo booth camera

Wow Factor

Imagine you’re at a lively corporate event, where the energy is electric. Our 360 photobooth steals the spotlight, inviting guests to step inside and become the center of attention. Cameras whirl around, capturing laughter, smiles, and dynamic 360-degree photos, turning your event into an unforgettable, immersive experience that will be cherished for years to come!

Corporate Branding

Our 360 photo booth is a canvas for brand personalization. We can proudly feature your company’s logo on our machine. Making your event truly your own! Beyond that, we offer full customization of photos to incorporate your brand’s logo, event theme and vision. With a track record of working alongside renowned brands like Jack Daniels, Amazon Music, USA Football, Alaska Airlines, Ghirardelli, LGBT Center, and countless others. You can trust us to elevate your event’s identity and create lasting memories that align perfectly with your brand.

Coachella Party 360 photo booth with backdrop frame, lights and sunflower at Empire Polo Club, the Coachella Festival venue
Coachella Party 360 photo booth with custom backdrop at FastX Soundtrack release in Los Angeles, featuring Charles Theron and all the FastX cast

Custom Backdrops

At Coachella Party, we take creativity to the next level. By crafting unique backdrops for our 360 photobooths that transform any event into a memorable experience. Our enclosed backdrop setup adds an extra layer of excitement and immersion for clients and their guests. Creating a dynamic and visually stunning environment. From corporate galas to private celebrations, our custom backdrops have impressed notable clients. Including FastX, Jack Daniels, Ware Malcomb and many more.

Extra features

Our 360 cameras run on batteries, allowing you the freedom to place them anywhere you like without the hassle of unsightly cables or tape. In contrast, both fog and frame equipment require a power source. When deciding between an iPhone and a Canon Camera, it’s evident that the camera offers superior quality, thanks in part to the iPad’s superior processing capabilities. The camera also preserves raw footage, which we can conveniently send to you. For events with a large attendance, opting for the mirrorless camera makes more sense due to its quicker video processing and larger screen for sharing. However, the iPhone’s quality comes remarkably close to the Mirrorless, making it suitable for any event. Additionally, we provide green screens, custom video designs, effects and logos. If you’re considering custom backdrops, please keep in mind that they require a minimum of 3 weeks for creation, so be sure to plan ahead; last-minute requests for custom backdrops cannot be accommodated.

Coachella Party 360 photo booth at a birthday party with balloons in Hollywood
Coachella Party 360 photo booth with custom backdrop at FastX Soundtrack release in Los Angeles, featuring Vin Diesel through the camera lens

How Do Prices Work?

• 360 up to 3 hours, custom videos and attendant using an iPhone.
• 360+ up to 3 hours, custom videos and attendant, using Mirrorless Canon Camera and an iPad for sharing.
• Extra hour: include any started hour
• Fog: only during video duration
• Branding: decal on 360 stand
• Frame + Lights (+ disco balls / flowers)
• Custom Backdrop

• Contact us for a quote

How Can We Help ?

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Coachella Party 360 photo booth with fog outdoor at Four Seasons Beverly Hills