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66 Spirit, 1966 Airstream: Your Canvas of Imagination

Step into a world where timeless elegance meets boundless creativity. Meet 66 Spirit — our classic 1966 Airstream that transcends the ordinary, igniting possibilities that know no bounds. A true chameleon, She is not merely a vintage gem; She’s a blank canvas awaiting your unique touch.

Venture beyond the expected and explore the extraordinary as She gracefully transforms to match your vision. Whether you’re dreaming of a pop-up shop that exudes character, a lounge that whispers sophistication, a bar that radiates energy, or a photobooth that captures the essence of every moment, 66 Spirit, is your partner in design.

Unveil the potential to elevate your event with an ambiance that’s authentically yours. With the ability to be branded for any activation, She encapsulates your brand’s spirit and charm, making every interaction memorable.

Join us in celebrating a blend of the past and the present, where innovation meets nostalgia, and every corner is an opportunity for creativity. Embrace the allure of 66 Spirit, and let your imagination run wild.

Discover the allure. Embrace the elegance. Experience 66 Spirit.

Step into Nostalgia: Unveiling Our 1973 VW Bus Photo Booth

Imagine a journey back in time, a venture into the heart of vintage charm and unparalleled experiences. It’s not just a photobooth; it’s an entire era encapsulated within the iconic frame of our 1973 VW Bus. The moment you step inside, you’re not just posing for photos – you’re immersing yourself in a world where memories are etched against the backdrop of nostalgia.

The allure is unmistakable. Our VW Bus Photo Booth transports you to an era where things were simpler, moments were cherished, and smiles came naturally. Every click of the camera captures more than just an image; it captures the essence of an experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

No need to navigate complex setups or figure out complicated instructions. Just step inside, let your creativity take the wheel, strike those poses, and retrieve your photo strips – each one a tangible memory of the joyous journey you embarked upon.

It’s no surprise that our VW Bus Photo Booth reigns as our bestseller. It’s more than a booth; it’s an atmosphere, a centerpiece that adds a touch of magic to any occasion. Whether you’re curating a social gathering or seeking a unique gift for your guests, our VW Bus becomes the secret ingredient for an event that’s unforgettable.

Let the nostalgia guide you. Immerse yourself in an experience that harks back to an era of simplicity, joy, and unforgettable moments. Step into our 1973 VW Bus Photo Booth – where time travel is possible and memories are made.

Discover the journey. Relive the moments. Experience the extraordinary.

Your Voyage Awaits,

Embark on a Journey of Photo Booth Experiences

We take the art of capturing moments to a whole new level. Our dedication to curating exceptional experiences led us to craft a variety of specialty photo booths, each designed to elevate your event in a unique way.

360 Photo Booth – Beyond Boundaries: Step into the realm of innovation with our trendy 360 Photo Booth. It’s not just a photo; it’s an immersive visual voyage that captures every angle and moment, creating memories that resonate far beyond the ordinary.

Classic Photo Booth – Timeless Charm: For those who appreciate the elegance of tradition, our Classic Photo Booth offers a window to the past while embracing the present. It’s an ode to simplicity and authenticity, ensuring that each snap is a reminiscent masterpiece.

Vintage Photo Booth – Capturing Time: Immerse yourself in the allure of yesteryears with our Vintage Photo Booth. A journey back in time, it brings the essence of nostalgia to every shot, leaving you with images that hold stories of their own.

Fashion Booth – Aesthetic Elegance: When art meets technology, the result is our Fashion Booth. Merging impeccable photo quality with the brilliance of professional studio lighting, it’s a blend of aesthetics and innovation that turns every picture into a work of art.

We don’t just offer photo booths; we create bespoke experiences tailored to your event’s essence. Why settle for the ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary? Our commitment is to provide you with the best, ensuring your event stands out in the sea of forgettable moments.

And that’s not all. We embrace the power of stories through our Video Booths. Capture heartfelt testimonials, create engaging video clips, and let your guests speak from the heart, adding a dynamic element to your event that will be cherished for years to come.

Step into a world of possibilities, where every booth is a gateway to a unique experience. Let’s craft memories that transcend time together.

Elevate Your Moments

Elevate Your Setting with Custom Backdrops

A backdrop isn’t merely a decorative element – it’s a canvas that sets the stage for your event’s story. We understand the significance of a backdrop, and we’re here to craft an experience that’s truly yours.

Pillow Case Style Backdrops – Unveil Elegance: Indulge in the sophistication of our pillow case style backdrops. Meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with your event’s ambiance, they breathe life into the background, ensuring that every photo is framed by beauty.

Step & Repeat – Redefining Presence: For those seeking a backdrop that leaves a lasting impression, our step & repeat options are designed to do just that. Embrace the allure of repetition, bringing your branding or event theme to life with each capture.

Standard and Custom Sizes – Tailored to You: No two events are the same, and neither are our backdrops. With standard sizes like 8×10, 10×16, 10×20, and even a circle 6ft diameter, you have options that cater to your vision’s dimensions.

From classic to bespoke, our backdrops are an art form in themselves, transforming your event’s aesthetic. Whether it’s a gala, a wedding, a corporate gathering, or an intimate celebration, we’re here to ensure that your backdrop resonates with your event’s essence.

Elevate your backdrop. Elevate your event. Let’s create a stage that speaks volumes.

Illuminating Your Vision: Discover Custom Neons

Light up your imagination with custom neons that transcend the ordinary and shine a spotlight on your unique message. At Coachella Party, we specialize in turning your logos and messages into captivating neon artworks that leave a lasting impression.

Bespoke Brilliance – Your Logo in Neon: Imagine your logo taking center stage, radiating in vibrant neon hues that capture attention and evoke emotions. Our custom neon creations transform your brand’s identity into a visual masterpiece, turning heads and sparking conversations.

Message of Light – Your Words in Neon: Looking to convey a specific message, sentiment, or slogan? Our custom neons let your words shine bright, becoming a beacon that guides hearts and minds. From love notes to bold declarations, we craft neons that amplify the power of your message.

Explore the Possibilities – Your Page Awaits: Curious to see what’s possible with custom neons? Visit our page to witness the artistry firsthand. Explore samples that showcase the creativity and craftsmanship that define our work. When you’re ready to turn your vision into a luminous reality, our page guides you through the process.

Discover the magic of custom neons. Illuminate your brand, your words, and your identity like never before. Let’s infuse light into your story.

Shine On

Unlocking Unforgettable Moments for Corporate, DMC & Non-Profit Events

We’re not just in the business of capturing photos; we’re in the business of crafting experiences that leave a lasting impact. Our expertise lies in tailoring unique photo encounters for Corporate, DMC (Destination Management Companies), and Non-Profit Events – each event category a canvas for creativity.

Corporate Excellence – Elevate Your Brand: For corporate events, we don’t just provide a service; we offer an extension of your brand’s essence. Our step & repeat setups and red carpet experiences ensure that your event exudes professionalism and grandeur. With options like specific backdrops, roaming photography, and seamless wireless printing, we curate an atmosphere that aligns with your company’s vision.

DMC Enchantment – Captivate Your Destination: Destination Management Companies understand the magic of locales. Our services add a new dimension to these experiences. Imagine your guests captured against breathtaking backdrops, seamlessly blending with the surroundings. With a dedicated photographer and videographer, we turn every event into a captivating narrative that showcases your destination at its finest.

Non-Profit Resonance – Capturing Heartfelt Moments: Non-Profit Events hold the essence of purpose and giving. Our expertise extends to crafting experiences that capture the heart of your cause. From the perfect backdrop to candid moments, we ensure that your event’s message is imprinted in every photo. Let us be your partners in creating visual stories that resonate with your mission.

Our commitment to Corporate, DMC, and Non-Profit Events goes beyond photography. It’s about creating an atmosphere that aligns with your event’s goals, aspirations, and the experience you wish to offer your guests.

Discover the power of tailored experiences. Elevate your event’s impact.

Catering to Your Vision

couple hugging in front of Volkswagen photo booth

Elevate Your Wedding Experience

When it comes to weddings, Coachella Party is your partner in creating enchanting moments that reflect your unique love story. Our dedication to crafting exceptional experiences has led us to develop a range of wedding packages designed to cater to your budget and desires, ensuring that your special day is nothing short of extraordinary.

With a seamless blend of elegance and innovation, our wedding packages offer a tapestry of options that resonate with the essence of your celebration. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand affair, we have the perfect package to bring your dream wedding to life.

Tailored Packages for Your Vision: From lavish celebrations to intimate unions, our wedding packages offer a spectrum of choices. Choose a package that aligns perfectly with your budget and wedding vision. Every detail is designed to enhance your guests’ experience, ensuring that your wedding day is etched in their memories forever.

VW Bus and Airstream Magic – A Dedicated Experience: For those seeking a wedding experience that’s beyond ordinary, our iconic VW Bus and Airstream are ready to transport you to a realm of vintage charm and unparalleled magic. For detailed information and to embark on the journey of your dreams, visit our dedicated website: California Booth Bus.

Your love story deserves an unforgettable chapter, and Coachella Party is here to make it a reality. Let’s create a wedding experience that reflects your love, style, and vision.

Crafting Everlasting Memories

Endless Possibilities. Explore Your Options.

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