Coachella Party Returns to The Terranea Resort

The VW Bus set up at the Terranea Resort
Beach accessories for the photo booth

For the first time since before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States in early 2020, Coachella Party has made its triumphant return to the legendary Terranea Resort. The acclaimed party photo booth rental company worked three events at Terranea over the last month or so of summer. This is symbolic of how events are finally getting back to their pre-COVID level of normality after more than two years of virus-induced uncertainty.

The Terranea Resort

The Terranea Resort is located in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes, California. It’s a gorgeous, ocean-front hotel with a series of villas. The resort is quite large and hosts quite a few parties and events of all kinds. The resort offers a level of luxury that’s difficult to find anywhere else. The 102-acre coastal setting offers unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean and world-class service. With that kind of quality, it’s no wonder so many corporations decide to hold events at the resort.

People post in front of the VW Bus at the Intuit Event

Photo Booths at Events

Coachella Party’s return to the Terranea Resort this summer was quite eventful. It started with a corporate event for Intuit, which is a business that specializes in financial software. We brought the VW Bus and, for the first time, used it as a backdrop, rather than having the guests go inside the vehicle. Instead, we used our studio booth to have the guests take photos in front of the bus, which was donned with an Intuit logo. Since this event was beach-themed, the guests had the option to wear such accessories as sunglasses, beach hats, and captain’s hats.

Guests at the Herbalife Event sit in the VW Bus

The next corporate event was held by Herbalife, which is a global multi-level marketing company that develops and sells dietary supplements. For this event, we brought the VW Bus again, but this time we did the tradition setup of guests sitting inside the bus to have their photo taken.

The 360 photo stand in front of a pool at the CoBank event

The final event was for CoBank, which provides financial services to cooperatives, rural public utilities, agribusinesses and other farm credit associations who collectively own CoBank. For this event, we used our 360 video experience by the pool. This allows guest to stand on a platform while the camera rotates all the way around them. As with all events, we can print all photos for the guests and can email any videos they wish to keep.

Some characters enjoy the pool at the CoBank party

But these three events are not the last you’ll see of Coachella Party at The Terranea Resort as we are now and official vendor there. If you would like to have one of Coachella Party’s photo booths at your event, feel free to give us a call at 760-808-5280 today!

A boat decorated for the CoBank party