Virtual Photo Booth

Virtual Events have replaced all large in-person gatherings and they are not going anywhere, they are here to stay!

But hey, virtual doesn’t need to equal = boring!

With our Virtual Photo Booth you can still have your photo fun and even add some Artificial Intelligence features to every photo with background removal aka green screen without green screen! Virtual Photo Booth is a perfect browser based solution for your virtual conference, webinar, wedding, birthday party or other celebration. It is perfectly safe and COVID-19 free! 

But what is Virtual Photo Booth?

We have created this short clip to show you all about it and its fun features. One of them is “Scratch & Win” feature which could be an amazing add on experience for nonprofit events!

By popular demand we have created couple of short educational videos on how to use Virtual Photo Booth. Here we go, let’s get real and see how it all works. This video will explain your Virtual Photo Booth experience on a computer desktop:

To finish let’s see the result on a SmartPhone. You will notice that this experience will add the AI Background removal which is an amazing feature as it works even better than a green screen.

Since Virtual Events are getting very popular, it is clear that the future of events lies in Hybrid.

Hybrid Event combines best of two worlds! It is a “live” event that also offers “virtual” components. It provides guests with the opportunity to participate & engage when they are not able to attend in person. And sure Coachella Party is ready for it!

Make a note that amazing features such as: e-mail collecting, in depth analytics, automatic publishing of photos on your facebook page and immediate availability of the images on a DropBox folder – are available to all type of events whether it is Live, Virtual or Hybrid.

Contact us to book your Live, Virtual or Hybrid event!

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