Curve Booth Duo in Los Angeles, CA and all over Southern California

The Curve Booth Duo is one of our newest addition. It has been an instant favorite. It’s cute and easy to use. It can be in front of a backdrop or simply roaming or both. Add the remote printing and you have a winner! We offer the booth with an attendant or unattended.

Dual use

You can choose to use the Curve booth Duo in front of a backdrop or roaming around your party.

Roaming or mobile use

With Roaming your photobooth is not only in one spot. When the party moves, the photobooth moves with.

Backdrop or no backdrop

As a photographer we like controlled environment aka controlled light. A lot of events happen outdoors especially in our beautiful weather here in Southern California. So we can use the natural surroundings or use a backdrop. A backdrop outside must always be against a wall to prevent the wind from breaking the backdrop. We do have some weights but it only works when wind is mild. Outdoor we recommend heavy tables behind the backdrops or other heavy objects that can prevent the backdrop from sailing.

Customize the experience

If you want to give your guests an immersive experience you found the right booth

Green screen or AI green screen ?

AI Green screen aka green screen without green screen is a connected experience. You can still chose the traditional green screen

Customize the booth

Add a personal touch to your booth with a vinyl decoration.


$850 for 3 hours digital – $950 + tax for 3 hours with unlimited prints