Airstream Standard furniture

One of the most requested question about the Airstream is what furniture does she come with?

So it was time to write a little post about it. The great thing with the Airstream is the size that will accommodate a large crowd around and inside.

We usually have a photobooth in the Airstream. We can either use our Mobile Booth with Green screen. We will do a post in the near future about it and the Studio Booth. There is time lapse post about it. We also can have the photo booth outside!

The list will evolve but so far we have a furry Bench. 4 furry stools, 5 tables including 2 coffee tables and 3 sides, 3 throws, and 5 rugs. When doing photobooth we have our 6 foot table with black table cloth branded on one side. Decorative pillows, candles, signs and frames

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