Time-Lapse of Airstream Photo Booth

Few weeks ago I published a post with the Time Lapse of a Airstream set up. If you haven’t watched it. It’s available here.

It shows how how the setup of the Airstream can be tedious. Now I will show you the fun part. Our guests love the Airstream. I think they are extremely impressed how roomy it is and how many people you can fit it.

We do a lot of events with large crowds and people want to take pictures with their friends and not be limited to 2 people. Well with the 24 footer there is no such thing as you will realize while watching the video. We aged the film a little to make it look legit!

You can see the images we took here: https://images.coachellaparty.com/gallery/NASMD2019/G0000LxtiO2_y3S8/C000011Xh9xd.IAE

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