Airstream Rental

Introducing “66 SPIRIT”

Born in 1966 – the era of freedom, love, peace & hippies -“66 SPIRIT” is a versatile 24 foot long vintage Airstream trailer available for rent to those who want to bring “that special spirit” to their event. Our trailer is perfect for weddings & special celebrations, marketing campaigns, production, fashion shows, retail displays and more!


Airstream Trailer 1966 Trade Wind 24ft. 

Fully gutted & renovated to be a white canvas that can inspire you to dress it up to your liking for events of all kind.

Possibilities are endless because 66 SPIRIT can play many roles like photo booth, vip lounge, green room, pop up store, trade show booth, mobile marketing pop-up, vintage prop for photo shoots & parties, food/dessert station, a bridal suite or anything else if you can dream about – we can make it happen!


• Exterior: 

256” (21.33ft) long x 89” (7.5ft) wide x 114” (9.5ft) high 

• Bumper to bumper: 312” (26 ft) long

• Weight: 2000 Lb

• 66 SPIRIT is powered through one standard 110 V plug via our extension cord.

20 Amp is enough for the lights, music and Photo Booth or other device if A/C or Heater are not in use. 

30 Amp is required when A/C or Heater operated. 

Generator can be provided for an additional cost. 


Clean white interior with two build-in wood benches, dimmable color LED Lights, Bluetooth Speakers, equipped with a rooftop A/C and Heater. 

• 66 SPIRIT is a very unique trailer it has no windows on the sides but only two in front & the back and 3 little openings on top.

Leaving lot’s of space & possibilities for personalization and branding. Customize the interior & exterior to your taste or brand aesthetics, to any theme of the event to have a memorable impact on your guests! 

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